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Large catalog of Assay kits,Multiplex immunoassays & miRNA,Primary & Secondary anibodies, Protrins & peptides, Lysates, and biochemicals

Abcam Website

Applied Biosystems by Thermo Fisher Scienctific

GeneChip chromosomal microarray solution, High density SNPs, Copy number variation analysis. Gene Titan genotyping solution

Thermofisher Website


Green technology in DNA/RNA stability at room temperature

Biomatrica Website

Essen Biosciences 

IncuCyte Real-time Live-Cell Analysis System

Essen Biosciences Website

Hycult Biotech

World class ELISA kits, antibodies, and proteins in the field of innate immunity

Hycult Biotech Website

C.T.L /Immunospot 

ELISPOT & BioSpot analyser, High sensitivity NK cell activitity

Immunospot Website


ELISPOT, Fluorospot, and ELISA kit

Mabtech Website


Biotherapy products; collection, processing, expansion, and cryopreservation of stem cells

Macropharma Website

Minerva Biolabs

Mycoplasma detection and prevention kit by PCR techniques

Minerva-Biolabs Website


Cellometer : Automated Cell counting system

Nexcelom Website


Human Normal Cell and its specialised culture medium and growth supplement 

Promocell Website

STEMCELL Technologies

Fast, easy, and column-free Cell Isolation Products 

Stemcell Technologies Website