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Oxford Immunotec is a global company providing advances and innovative tests in the field of immunology. Its proprietary T-SPOT technology platform allows Oxford Immunotec to measure the responses of specific immune cells, known as T-cells, to inform the diagnosis, prognosis, and monitoring of patients with immunologically controlled diseases.

T-SPOT technology is an innovative diagnostic platform technology which offers new ways of diagnosing disease by providing a simple and extremely accurate method of measuring an individual's immune response to an infection. T-SPOT technology is a modification of the ELISPOT assay platform which has been widely used for over two decades to measure B cell and T cell function. ELISPOT principle has been applied and optimized to the specific measurement of effector T cells.

How does it work?

When someone becomes infected with a disease, this causes the body to produce specific cells (effector T cells) to fight the infection. T-SPOT tests are then used to identify if the body is producing these cells to indicate if the person is infected and if they are effectively fighting the infection. This means that T-SPOT platform technology could be applied to diagnose and monitor any major disease driven by a T cell response.

This technology is protected by several global families of patents and it is only technique to measure T cells that is suitable for routine clinical practice.

Products Overview

  • T-SPOT .TB

    The T-SPOT .TB test is a revolutionary product that diagnoses both latent TB infection and active disease by measuring T cells that have been specifically activated by Mycobacterium tuberculosis (MTB) antigens.

  • T-Cell Xtend

    The T-Cell Xtend reagent is an antibody complex that is added to blood samples in the laboratory immediately before running the T-SPOT .TB assay. It allows blood samples to be processed up to 32 hours after venepuncture without affecting the accuracy of test

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