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The Cell Culture Experts:

  • Human Primary Cells
    Cardiac Myocytes, Chondrocytes, Endothellial Cells, Epithelial Cells, Fibroblast, Follicle, Dermal Papilla Cells, Hepatocytes, Keratinacytes, Melanocytes, Osteoblasts, Preadipocytes, Skeletal Muscle Cells & Smooth Muscle Cells
  • Human Stem and Blood Cells
    Mesemchymal Stem Cells, Pericytes, CD34 Progenitor Cells, CD133 Progenitor Cells, Mononuclear Cells & CD14 Monocytes
  • Cell Model Systems
    Angiogenesis Assays and Kits
  • Media and Sera
    Media for Primary cells, Media for Stem and Blood Cells, Classical Media, Speciality Media Sera
  • Cell Pellets
  • Reagents and Supplements
    Detachment Reagent, Antibiotics and Antimycotics, Buffer and Salt solution, Supplements
  • Microbial Detection and Elimination
    Mysoplasma Test Kits, Mycoplasma Elimination Solutions, Bacteria Test Kits, Disinfectants


Wide range of well proven products for cell biology research such as transfection reagents, fluorescent dyes, cell assays, ELISAs, antibodies, and cytokines

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