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Mabtech is a world leader in development of ELISpot products and technology and T-cell measurements. As one of the most sensitive and easiest methods to analyze antigen-specific immune responses, the ELISpot is ideal whenever studying the roles of T and B cells in e.g. infections, cancer, allergy and autoimmune disease. With its straightforward protocol and the ability to screen large number of samples, the ELISpot assay has become a standard method in the research and clinical evaluations of new vaccines. We are happy to offer a large number of ELISpot kits and reagents which enable investigations of cellular responses in human, non-human primates, mouse as well as other species.

To enable a more detailed qualitative analysis of antigen-specific T cells, we have recently developed the FluoroSpot assay. With the same powerful features as the ELISpot, fluorescent visualization of spots allows simultaneous detection of more than one cytokine and can be used for the demonstration of polyfunctional T cells or in situations where cell numbers are limited.

To supplement the ELISpot/FluoroSpot product range, we offer an extensive number of ELISA kits for easy quantification of cytokine levels in various samples including serum and plasma.

Through innovative development and high quality standards, we provide products that meet the needs of the frontline researcher and those involved in clinical research requiring large scale screening under standardized conditions.

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