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Learn about FeNO, Asthma and NIOX via webinar programme: Masterclasses by Circassia. Topics are:

 1. The science behind asthma: on Oct 4, Nov 3

 2. Improving asthma outcomes with FeNO: on Aug 11st, Sep 8th, Oct 13th

 3. FeNO testing during COVID-19 pandemic: on Aug 18th, Sep 15th, Oct 20th

 4. From a Noble Prize to NIOX VERO: on Aug 25th, Sep 22nd, Oct 27th

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Learn about Asthma, FeNO and NIOX - Masterclasses by Circassia.

Circassia has developed a series of webinars in order to enable healthcare professionals to learn about Asthma, FeNO and NIOX remotely. With content produced the Circassia Education and Medical Affairs teams, our hour long webinars are facilitated by our Lead Nurse for Education and Support, Karen Frankland.