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Abcam (UK)

High quality primary and
secondary antibodies, ELISA Kits,
Biochemicals, Proteins, Peptides,
Lysate, Immunoassays, and more

Applied Biosystems (USA)

Whole genome Microarray solution,
High density SNPs,
Copy number variation analysis

Tools to Isolate, Culture and Assay Cells.

Zybio (China)

Nucleic Acid Isolation Kit,
Nucleic Acid Detection Kit,
SARS-CoV-2 Nucleic Acid Detection Kit,
and Automatic Nucleic Acid Extractor

System Biosciences (USA)

Lentiviral Technology,
Exosome Research, CRISPR/Cas9,
and Stem Cell Research

ImmunoSpot, ELISpot,
BioSpot Analyzer, and
High sensitivity NK cell activity

Mabtech (Sweden)
and ELISA kit
Macopharma (France)

“Biotherapy products”
Collection, processing, expansion,
and Cryopreservation of stem cells

Minerva Biolabs (Germany)

Mycoplasma decontamination
by Detection Prevention and Elimination
- DNA Decontamination Reagents
- PCR Reagents & Enzymes
- DNA RNA Extraction Kits

Nexcelom (USA)

Automated Cell counting system

PromoCell (Germany)
- Broad range of human primary stem cells and blood cells
- Optimized cell culture media
- Comprehensive cell biology research products


Pioneering the Development of Automated Technologies for Cell-Based Therapeutics and Bioprocessing


Only NIOX VERO gives you an objective and accurate measurement of airway inflammation. NIOX Website


Oxford Immunotec

Immunology testing with T-SPOT technology platform

Oxford Immunotec Website


Complete blood test systems for allergy, asthma and autoimmune diseases

Phadia Website


Autoimmune disease diagnostics (EliA is sold under Thermo Scientific brand)

Elia/Phadia Website

Gold standard in vitro specific IgE blood test for diagnosis of allergy and asthma (ImmunoCAP is sold under Thermo Scientific brand)

Immunocap Website

Drucker Diagnostics is the world’s leading manufacturer of clinical benchtop centrifuges. Our STAT, routine, and blood bank centrifuges process millions of blood samples for patient testing and diagnostics every day.

Drucker Diagnostics Website